Technical expertise and technology

November 19, 2018

With collaboration of design capabilities, latest technologies and passion for innovation Sri Lanka apparel has been offering clients world class products for over decades.

What’s more, 10 years of dedicated effort spent in developing supply chain, honing our design and development skills, partnering with leading elastic, fabric, lace and accessories manufacturers to establish production facilities in the country, has made us the lingerie capital of the world.

Every step of our manufacturing process is solidly backed with the latest technology, in fact state-of-the-art facilities and sophisticated and diversified portfolio, aids us in servicing the very high-end niche categories in the apparel industry.

Design is one core function inspired by sophisticated technological strategies. Sri Lanka apparel also boasts strong design capabilities. Our efforts towards greener manufacturing begin from the design stages, making the whole industry sustainable. In transforming client sketches to finished garments, our designers employ such software as the ‘Fast Fit 360’.We are also the partner of choice for brands that look to make the most innovative of products. Take for instance the aerodynamic sportswear we manufacture.