Why Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is uniquely positioned in the heart of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is uniquely positioned in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

The strong business acumen in apparel manufacturing has made Sri Lanka the home to multiple tiers of brands and retailers. The high literacy rate, strong education system and vertically thorough local, regional and far eastern supply chains have transformed Sri Lanka Apparel to grow swiftly year on year.

In the past decade, Sri Lanka Apparel has been able to navigate the disruption in retail by embracing improved value-added services such as design, proactive sourcing, printing, embroidery, bonding & washing to become a one-stop shop to delight the end consumer.

In recent years with pressure on being on Speed to Market, many manufacturers have devised rapid supply programmes with strategic vendors in intimates, cut & sew knits and woven to ensure that products are in stock and made available to end consumers consistently.

Furthermore, multiple brands and retailers have opted to co-innovate alongside many of our members, ensuring that we not only introduce new products but also improvise our processes, IT systems and IOT devices in the near future to position ourselves as the best in the region.

Educated and Adaptable Workforce

  • Sri Lanka possessed the most literate population in South Asia and one of the highest in the developing world with a literacy rate of 92.2% (91.1% and 93.5% respectively for females and males).
  • Extensive investment in public education has produced a workforce that is not only competent but intelligent, trainable and comfortable with high tech production and services.
  • Approximately 50% of the students who have completed higher education are trained in technical and business disciplines. English is widely spoken and is the main language used by the business community.
  • Well educated and energetic, skilled and semi-skilled human resources are readily available at competitive wage rates.


Sri Lanka

Asia’s Logistics Hub

Colombo is the busiest port in South Asia with over 18000 vessels and ever-increasing port calls to service global clients, connecting the Indian subcontinents via Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is served by all top 20 global shipping lines and ranked as No. 1 port of South Asia. Port of Colombo is ranked No 23 among the top 30 container ports in the world and has been the fastest growing transshipment port in the world as of first half of 2018.

Modern container terminals networked with sophisticated feeder network, the Colombo port is world class. It is now expanding and connecting into regional logistics strengthening supply chains to ensure customer demands on speed to market are fulfilled.

Sri Lanka is connected to the SEA-ME-WE III and IV (South East Asia – Middle East – Western Europe) fiber optic communication backbone with over 11 communication satellites orbiting above the south of the country making it a destination with strong connectivity and accessibility.

Supply chain security is further expanded as a new modern second port is being developed in Sri Lanka, which will further strengthen the country’s’ connectivity to the east west shipping route. For customers who are seeking apparel manufactures with regional consolidation, Colombo is the hub of Asia equipped with air-sea connectivity. Evolving logistics would also link with other hubs from both east and west, as it is at the midpoint of Dubai and Singapore, giving global traders a choice to ship eastbound or westbound.

Trade Concessions and Trade Agreements

Availability of trade concessions under Multilateral and Bilateral agreements provides additional trade benefits to the markets when buying from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka already has free trade agreements with India, Pakistan and Singapore. Currently similar FTA is being negotiated with Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand.

Sri Lanka is maintaining cordial diplomatic and economic relationships with many countries in the world.

The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP+)

The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement

Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ISFTA)

Pakistan - Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (PSFTA)

SAARC Preferential Trading Arrangement

Technical expertise and technology

With collaboration of design capabilities, latest technologies and passion for innovation Sri Lanka apparel has been offering clients world class products for over decades.

What’s more, 10 years of dedicated effort spent in developing supply chain, honing our design and development skills, partnering with leading elastic, fabric, lace and accessories manufacturers to establish production facilities in the country, has made us the lingerie capital of the world.

Every step of our manufacturing process is solidly backed with the latest technology, in fact state-of-the-art facilities and sophisticated and diversified portfolio, aids us in servicing the very high-end niche categories in the apparel industry.

Design is one core function inspired by sophisticated technological strategies. Sri Lanka apparel also boasts strong design capabilities. Our efforts towards greener manufacturing begin from the design stages, making the whole industry sustainable. In transforming client sketches to finished garments, our designers employ such software as the ‘Fast Fit 360’.We are also the partner of choice for brands that look to make the most innovative of products. Take for instance the aerodynamic sportswear we manufacture.


The government of Sri Lanka has been focusing on developing physical infrastructure to facilitate the manufacturing industry. A series of projects were launched during the last eight years to completely upgrade the sea, air, road power and telecommunication platforms of the country. Following are few of the main infrastructure development projects in Sri Lanka.

  • Sea Port and Airport Development
  • Colombo Megapolis Project
  • Development of High Mobility Road Network
  • Power & Energy
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure Development