Sri Lanka

November 19, 2018

Colombo is the busiest port in South Asia with over 18000 vessels and ever-increasing port calls to service global clients, connecting the Indian subcontinents via Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is served by all top 20 global shipping lines and ranked as No. 1 port of South Asia. Port of Colombo is ranked No 23 among the top 30 container ports in the world and has been the fastest growing transshipment port in the world as of first half of 2018.

Modern container terminals networked with sophisticated feeder network, the Colombo port is world class. It is now expanding and connecting into regional logistics strengthening supply chains to ensure customer demands on speed to market are fulfilled.

Sri Lanka is connected to the SEA-ME-WE III and IV (South East Asia – Middle East – Western Europe) fiber optic communication backbone with over 11 communication satellites orbiting above the south of the country making it a destination with strong connectivity and accessibility.

Supply chain security is further expanded as a new modern second port is being developed in Sri Lanka, which will further strengthen the country’s’ connectivity to the east west shipping route. For customers who are seeking apparel manufactures with regional consolidation, Colombo is the hub of Asia equipped with air-sea connectivity. Evolving logistics would also link with other hubs from both east and west, as it is at the midpoint of Dubai and Singapore, giving global traders a choice to ship eastbound or westbound.