Sri Lanka is uniquely positioned in the heart of the Indian Ocean

November 19, 2018

Sri Lanka is uniquely positioned in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

The strong business acumen in apparel manufacturing has made Sri Lanka the home to multiple tiers of brands and retailers. The high literacy rate, strong education system and vertically thorough local, regional and far eastern supply chains have transformed Sri Lanka Apparel to grow swiftly year on year.

In the past decade, Sri Lanka Apparel has been able to navigate the disruption in retail by embracing improved value-added services such as design, proactive sourcing, printing, embroidery, bonding & washing to become a one-stop shop to delight the end consumer.

In recent years with pressure on being on Speed to Market, many manufacturers have devised rapid supply programmes with strategic vendors in intimates, cut & sew knits and woven to ensure that products are in stock and made available to end consumers consistently.

Furthermore, multiple brands and retailers have opted to co-innovate alongside many of our members, ensuring that we not only introduce new products but also improvise our processes, IT systems and IOT devices in the near future to position ourselves as the best in the region.