Sri Lankan apparel – money spinning industry

October 20, 2017 | Written by Dailynews

It was then centuries back, Sri Lanka being figured as an agricultural country, main exports being tea, rubber, coconut, spices and gems by the influence of foreign invaders she took a different turn and became a central spot as an industrial country being located at the centre spot of the silk route.

From end of 20th Century apparel export industry became more significant contributor for Sri Lanka’s economy. It becomes second only comparatively to the dollars brought in by the foreign employment.

Over the past four decades it became the money spinning industry with a remarkable strength of 40% of all exports. Solely this industry ventures through private sector into the international market.

Our performances are as follows:

Our quality of ready-mades cannot be beaten by any other apparel industry as our products are manufactured by high technology, eco-friendly and by great hands of expertise.

The key role players of the industry are the 600,000 employees in the whole island with 300 approx garment factories are in operation in all parts of the country and around 16 textile and fabric manufacturing units are in operation in assistance.

Sri Lankan apparel has evolved from traditional exports and tailoring designs providing sophisticated solutions, creativity and experience in BPO services, fashion, R&D and innovation centres bridging the country’s gap between developing and developed.

The country has the highest apparel exports per capita of any exporting nation in the region. Sri Lanka envisages exponential growth through hub services where the international eyes were drawn in.

Sri Lanka’s top three apparel companies are the world’s 50 most important suppliers to bring in dollar revenue into the country for the last five consecutive years of which the world proclaims.

The USA, UK, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Canada, The Netherlands, France, Chin and Australia which have ripen rewards of being highest buyers.

“Go Green” eco/environment friendly is highly followed in the apparel industry. The business sustainability is maintained through the practice of lean manufacturing with lowered overheads and faster return on investment. LEED Platinum and Gold Certified entities practice international standards of recycling, effluent treatment and waste management practices are in operation. Sri Lanka also abides by the regulations of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Sri Lanka is a socially responsible and preferred destination for apparel sourcing and is the only outsourced apparel manufacturing country in Asia to ratify all 27 ILO (International Labour Organisation) conventions. The local apparel industry stands out as a reliable source that pays fair wages to workers and actively discourages child labour.

We focus on high speed on delivery using strategic advantages, offer superior product development and design resources.

Our main apparel categories includes sportswear, lingerie, bridalwear, workwear, loungewear, swimwear and other seasonal wear according to buyers’ requirement.

Sri Lanka is a producer of “Garments Without Guilt” the “Made in Sri Lanka” label is comfortably synonymous worldwide with the values of high quality, reliability, and social and environmental accountability.