Ransalu Insurance cover to help families of employees in apparel sector

June 7, 2019

Affordable pay as you earn scheme includes Ransalu Pranaama merchant benefits

For the first time, an industry insurance cover with the lowest monthly premium covering the entire family including parents was introduced by CH17 Loyalty for all employees and staff in the apparel sector.

According to a MOU signed between Cooperative Insurance Company and CH17 Loyalty, the insurance company will offer cover for death, critical illness, and funeral expenses of both parents and parents in law and children for as low as Rs. 166 per month.

Under this program all policy holders will be offered the popular Ransalu Pranaama retail privilege card free of charge as a value addition which offers great savings from nearly 200 vendors island-wide registered with CH17’s retail network during the period of the cover.

The savings from the privilege card alone could cover the entire year’s premium value additionally the cardholder will be entitled to make claims for any one of the listed critical illnesses, personal accidents, funeral expense, etc.

For the convenience of the employees special facility has been made to pay the premium on a monthly basis to be deducted from their salary.

A memorandum of understanding was signed recently between CH17 and Co-operative Insurance backed by Lak Insurance brokers.

CH17 CEO Jumar Preena thanked the insurance company for developing this comprehensive scheme which is affordable and convenient to the workers and their family.

“Over 400,000 employees and their families stand to benefit from this new insurance plan. Our objective is to educate and encourage our associates of all grades on the need to invest to meet challenges in life,” said Joint Apparel Association forum (JAAF) Secretary General Tuli Cooray.

Ransalu Pranaama has embarked on phase 2 this year having completed 5 years in service to the industry. Nearly 132,000 employees have already enrolled and are reaping huge benefits from this program.

Card holders enjoy year round upfront cash discounts from a number of leading vendors in clothing and footwear, groceries and daily essentials, personal goods, electronic and electrical items, household goods, banking and finance, hotels, restaurants and cafes. Major apparel companies have enrolled their employees to this program