Mr. Sharad Amalean

November 1, 2018

Sharad Amalean is a co-founder and Board Member of MAS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

A former student of Royal College Colombo, Sharad went on to complete his Executive Education at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Having served as the CEO of MAS Holdings, Sharad has now transitioned to a new phase of his corporate journey overlooking Strategic investments and diversification activities of the organization. He is also instrumental in supporting the organization develop the next generation of leaders as the company journeys towards the future.

Sharad’s background in finance makes him a formidable negotiator, strategizer and holistic thinker. A disruptor and an advocate of change, Sharad excels at managing people and resources, and is known for his unique style of coaching and listening. He believes in making informed decisions, is action oriented and excels at follow through. His persistence, attention to detail and ability to foresee opportunity makes him a key driving force in the Sri Lankan Apparel & Textile Industry. Sharad is also a member of the Presidential Task Force on Economic Revival & Poverty Eradication.