JAAF Unveils new logo and launches new corporate website

December 6, 2018 | Written by www.dailynews.lk

Sri Lanka Apparel during its existence in the last four decades grew and set itself as the leading manufactured product exporter of Sri Lanka representing 43% of industrial exports and 40% of merchandising exports.

With a contribution to the GDP in the range of 7% during the last decade and employment opportunities for 40% of the active labour force in the country, Sri Lanka Apparel supports and enriches the lifeline of millions of families directly and indirectly.

Known as the most visible industry in the island, it is an active forerunner for being a self-regulated and monitored industry based on ethical practices and sustainable green initiatives; a recognition given worldwide. Inspired by the world’s best practices brought through foreign direct and indirect investment and the pro labour regulations prevalent in the country, the industry has been able to win the confidence of international brands as a dependable partner providing total solutions to the apparel business.

Extreme competition during the quota regime, the paradigm shift of sourcing resulting from the removal of the multi-fibre agreement, the withdrawal of GSP+ and continuous civil disturbances did not deter the growth of this industry though the picture portrayed nationally and internationally was very bleak for the future of it during those times. The industry challenged the obvious and has continued to thrive by taking proactive decisions and actions. It has evolved from a contract manufacturer to having the capability of offering seamless solutions where the entirety of the supply chain from innovation, designing to delivery at a back end now is being offered.

In its eternal desire to dream and innovate, the industry today is launching a new image through the launch of the new website and logo at the 15th Annual General Meeting of the Joint Apparel Association Forum.

This logo brings out the strength of our ethos by the use of the face of a lion, an animal symbolic of our culture. Highlighting our diversity, the lion’s mane sports several colours. These include maroon, saffron, orange and green, which can be seen on our national flag and which represent the rich mosaic of ethnic and religious identities in our motherland.

Moreover, the lion’s mane has 10 elements, representing not only our multi-ethnic character, but also our position as a global hub for apparels on comprehensive fronts related to our business starting from education, conceptualisation, design, supply chain management, digitalisation and creativity, making, finishing and logistics embracing the entire value chain providing seamless solutions.

On this occasion, the industry aligns itself to be the forerunner in the national development spreading the message Sri Lankan brand image based on its ethical sustainable and compliance footing.