September 11, 2018
July 2, 2018 | Written by

The Sri Lanka Apparel Brands Association [SLABA] will once again stage SLABA Runway 2018, featuring the cream of Sri Lanka’s apparel brands will showcase their designs on September 11 at a glitzy ramp extravaganza.

SLABA Runway 2018’ will be spearheaded by a dynamic committee, headed by Azam Habib, President SLABA, Tania Abeysundara, Chairman Organising Committee SLABA Runway 2018 and Shakir Hafiz, Treasurer, SLABA, ably assisted by the rest of the SLABA membership.

The SLABA membership which has over 60 members representing the cream of local fashion including Reborn, EKKO, Emerald, Signature, Manzari, Trendy, Rough, Arista, LiCC Jeans, Rainco, JEZZA, Avirate, GFlock, Dmaxx, Aurora, Anationz, Perri Allen, Vantage, Uptown Kandy, Andre, and many others, will showcase their brands which have brought in valuable foreign exchange to the country whilst entrenching Sri Lanka in the minds of global apparel buyers as a destination renowned for the production of quality apparel.

“Local apparel brands contribute in excess of US$ 1 billion to the economy and our products can hold their own with any international brand,” said Habib, President SLABA.

“SLABA represents a multitude of Sri Lankan apparel brands that contribute to the country and economy as a whole. The brainchild of Deshamanya A.Y.S. Gnanam, today the retail clothing industry in Sri Lanka is estimated at US$ 2 Billion and above, with 50% of the market share being contributed by apparels made in Sri Lanka. It is our aim to establish an annual event where both industry and non industry high net worth individuals could interact, exchange ideas and forge links for the overall betterment of not just the apparel industry but the economy of the country”.

As a forum, SLABA brings together different product portfolios of branded Sri Lankan apparel. SLABA operates as a facilitator in developing the apparel brands segment in Sri Lanka and the membership body. It has a 60 plus active member representation and there are hundreds of other companies in the island producing for the domestic market.

SLABA works together closely with the Government of Sri Lanka and non-government organizations such as the Finance Ministry, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, EDB, Chamber of Commerce, and JAFF to develop the industry as well as explore and access new markets .

“Sri Lankan brands are doing a phenomenal job and goods produced here are of excellent design and quality.”

“It is deemed that if Sri Lankan brands are given the right support and platform to perform locally, they can go on to become global brands,” said Treasurer SLABA, Shakir Hafiz.

Tania Abeysundara, Chairman, Organizing Committee of SLABA 2018, said that SLABA Runway 2018 will showcase the cream of Sri Lanka’s Apparel Brands, with over 100 outfits, representing 12 Brands on the ramp.

Choreographed by Brian Kerkoven, and produced by Anusha David of Headlines PR, it is SLABA’s intention to brand Sri Lanka as an apparel destination.

“Today we are fast becoming a world class apparel manufacturing hub. The growth of the local apparel export industry has reaped dividends for the Sri Lankan economy. Some of our members such as amante, Avirate, Emerald, Hameedias and Reborn have made strides in international markets bringing in valuable foreign exchange and recognition for local apparel brands, setting standards and establishing manufacturing skills that have undoubtedly benefitted the economy”, she said.